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Partnership in Quality

RES company was established in 2004 as a result of growing demands to all companies supplying automotive industry. From the begining we are trying to connect proffesional engineering service with all services that may have influence on parts are supplied by our customers.

"Our idea goes down to a broadly understood quality partnership"

The RES Group has been successfully providing quality support services throughout Europe for well over a decade having its offices in Poland, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Sorting and rework actions

The  automotive industry is always accompanied by various types of quality issues. As a part of quality services RES can provide both sorting and rework at any location convenient to you, including your customer, supplier or assembly plant. Our goal is to stop the flow of nonconforming parts and support process continuity.

Resident Engineer Service

Our liaison engineers are all hand picked and have exceptional knowledge and experience in areas of automotive industry. They have great communication skills and cooperate with key decision makers at the plants on daily basis.

Our clients: